Erm, It Wasn’t…Me?

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Getting caught speeding can be one of the most annoying things that a driver can experience. Let’s face it; 30mph is just too slow for some roads, so we creep up to 35mph in perfect knowledge that we’re not posing a risk to other drivers. Then out of nowhere you get flashed by a speed camera or pulled over by a policeman. Unless you’re lucky enough to be offered a pricey speed awareness course, this will result in an instant £60 fine and 3 points on your license. It’s a cost that you really could do without, especially considering that every year you need to pay for road tax and MOT and servicing.speed-camera_400x0

Back in July 2012, a motorist was caught doing 152mph in his BMW M5. Brendan Matthews didn’t really have much of an excuse, and he couldn’t deny that he was speeding – although he did state that he was only over the limit for a ‘short burst’. Most of us would struggle to even get up far past 100mph; I just about managed 110mph in my nearly new Ford Fiesta. Brendan’s lame attempt at saving himself from punishment prompted us to make a list of some of the worst/funniest speeding excuses imaginable. And yes, before you ask, people have genuinely tried to use these.


I’ve got diarrhoea and really needed to get to a toilet quickly.
Hmm, probably a little too much information there…

I’m running out of petrol.
Yeah, in case you didn’t know, driving faster is not the way to solve that problem.

I forgot where the brake pedal was.
Well, since you’ve just pulled over for a policeman, it’s doubtful.

I’m late for a date with a girl, and she’s really cute.
Ok, fair enough, on your way sir.

There’s a sale on at Dunkin’ Donuts and I wanted to get there before you, you fat b*stard.
A sale?! At Dunkin’ Donuts?! Well why didn’t you say!eugenedunkindonuts

The state of Britain’s roads!

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It is no secret that our roads are constantly being put to the test, and they often fail. The harsh winter hasn’t helped things, and it seems that you can’t go a journey without being tossed around by bumps or potholes.

Just yesterday I was driving to work, when my car literally fell into a pot hole, not even the suspension on my humble Ford Fiesta could see me to safety. The whole palaver resulted in an unscheduled servicing check and some online shopping for some spare shock absorbers and some new wheels. FYI a great resource for finding parts.
Now I don’t expect every road to be perfect, but this just takes the mick, and after browsing a few stories and articles online, it does not seem that my troubles were a one off.  This is a disgrace, when you consider that motorists are being taxed £45 billion in road taxes! First of all, this is a mammoth amount, and you would have thought that it would be enough to see that all our roads are kept in tip top condition. However, only 9 billion of the 45 is pumped back into our road system. Now I am not going to claim to know the ins and outs of where our taxes go, but even still, surely the £9 billion would make a considerable dent in these road problems, rather than the actual roads themselves.

But instead everything seems to be getting worse and it has got me considering selling my poor little Fiesta, in the hope that the used car market will find it a better life.