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Common Alfa Romeo problems

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Despite the success of the Alfa Romeo there tends to be a widely common feeling that they can suffer with problems, specifically with reliability. There is a range of problems that are reported online with Alfa Romeo’s so be sure to take extra precaution when completing your research. Now I do not want to be […]

Second Hand Audi Cars

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As a used car buyer it can be quite a frightening experience looking for a car that will fit into your budget but yet still be a good quality car. Some of the fears you may have will come from horror stories you may have heard yourself from a friend, family member or somebody of […]

Some of my favourite BMW cars

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Over the many decades BMW has been running they have produced some fantastic cars and cars that have become to be appreciated as classics. I myself haven’t been alive to see the popularity of each individual model at their release dates however, since I have been alive, there have been many BMW models that have […]

Common Audi Problems

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When it comes to problems with Audi’s they are generally one of the most reliable manufacturers in the UK car market. They have built their reputation by designing cars that are of high quality based around their engineering excellence and technological innovation. However with this reputation there is always going to be some sort of […]