Common Alfa Romeo problems

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Despite the success of the Alfa Romeo there tends to be a widely common feeling that they can suffer with problems, specifically with reliability. There is a range of problems that are reported online with Alfa Romeo’s so be sure to take extra precaution when completing your research.
Now I do not want to be the person that puts you off a great Italian manufacturer, all I will be doing is making you aware of some of the most common problems across the Alfa Romeo models and why some people would prefer to continue with Volkswagen or something from a Japanese manufacturer.

Alfa Romeo Spider – When you are checking out the Spider there are a few problems that I would suggest for you to keep an eye out for. It is common for the cambelt to need replacing roughly every 36,000 miles, so be sure to check out the mileage if you are looking at a Used Alfa Romeo Spider and ask the seller if the cambelt has been replaced. If the cambelt hasn’t been replaced then cater that into the cost you are willing to pay because it may cost upwards of £200.00 for a replacement.Alfa Romeo Spider When looking at an older model the cabins can depreciate over time and it is probable that you will hear a rattle sound when switching the engine on. Another problem that can set in for the older models is the possibility of rust, so a thorough inspection will be required for any Used Alfa Romeo Spider.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta – A lot of the problems that are common with an Alfa Romeo seemed to have been addressed with the Giulietta. Time has been taken to improve the cabin and the number of complaints of a rattle when in the cabin seems to have disappeared. I will say that this isn’t the car for you if you have a family because the legroom in the back is very limited and anyone over 5 foot 5 is likely to be digging into the back of the passenger in front. Despite a few design flaws it is still a fantastic car and with the time they have taken to improve the Giulietta I wouldn’t hesitate in suggesting this model to a friend, whether that be a New or Second Hand Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

Alfa Romeo Mito – When it comes to the Mito there is a problem that seems to be popping up across the MultiAir engines that the Alfa Romeo model is fitted with. It appears that an oil leak is fairly common and with the position of the oil box it can leak down onto the spark plug. Although a leak may not seem the worst that could happen, the oil leaking onto the spark plug may Alfa Romeo Mitoeventually result in the engine misfiring. If you’re looking at buying a Used Alfa Romeo Mito then also be careful that these MultiAir engines may actually need replacing after as little as three years with average mileage on the clock. It would certainly be wise to ask if the current owner has ever had any troubles or if they’ve replaced the engine.

Alfa Romeo GT – A common problem to look on for with the GT model is that their front tyres do tend to wear quickly. Although the cost of replacing 2 tyres isn’t anything substantial it would still be worth assessing when paying for a Used Alfa Romeo GT as you do not know how the previous owner has used the car. This problem could also result in damage to the under tray as the Alfa Romeo GT is prone to grounding when using speed bumps.
The clutch failing is also common across the GT ranges so it would be worth keeping an eye on that or asking the previous owner if it has been replaced already.

Alfa Romeo 156 – As with many of the Alfa Romeo’s there is more than one common problem with the Alfa Romeo 156. However, much like the rest, the problems seem to create a reoccurring pattern. Once again the visibility from the rear window is poor, boot space is very limited and the leg room in the rear is limited. One final thing to look out for, especially with a used Alfa Romeo 156, is the suspension wear can cause trouble to the 156 so be sure to monitor this and listen out for any unusual noises which can adversely affect them.

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