Erm, It Wasn’t…Me?

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Getting caught speeding can be one of the most annoying things that a driver can experience. Let’s face it; 30mph is just too slow for some roads, so we creep up to 35mph in perfect knowledge that we’re not posing a risk to other drivers.Then out of nowhere you get flashed by a speed camera or pulled over by a policeman. Unless you’re lucky enough to be offered a pricey speed awareness course, this will result in an instant £60 fine and 3 points on your license. It’s a cost that you really could do without, especially considering that every year you need to pay for road tax and MOT and servicing.speed-camera_400x0

Back in July 2012, a motorist was caught doing 152mph in his BMW M5. Brendan Matthews didn’t really have much of an excuse, and he couldn’t deny that he was speeding – although he did state that he was only over the limit for a ‘short burst’. Most of us would struggle to even get up far past 100mph; I just about managed 110mph in my nearly new Ford Fiesta. Brendan’s lame attempt at saving himself from punishment prompted us to make a list of some of the worst/funniest speeding excuses imaginable. And yes, before you ask, people have genuinely tried to use these.


I’ve got diarrhoea and really needed to get to a toilet quickly.
Hmm, probably a little too much information there…

I’m running out of petrol.
Yeah, in case you didn’t know, driving faster is not the way to solve that problem.

I forgot where the brake pedal was.
Well, since you’ve just pulled over for a policeman, it’s doubtful.

I’m late for a date with a girl, and she’s really cute.
Ok, fair enough, on your way sir.

There’s a sale on at Dunkin’ Donuts and I wanted to get there before you, you fat b*stard.
A sale?! At Dunkin’ Donuts?! Well why didn’t you say!eugenedunkindonuts

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