Some of my favourite BMW cars

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Over the many decades BMW has been running they have produced some fantastic cars and cars that have become to be appreciated as classics. I myself haven’t been alive to see the popularity of each individual model at their release dates however, since I have been alive, there have been many BMW models that have grabbed my attention for many different reasons, I have consulted my favourite Auto Site and below are just a few explanations as to why they are my favourite BMW models.

BMW 2 Series – The BMW 2 Series is one of my favourite models of the BMW range because it is an appealing small two-door that is actually quite comfortable even though I am 6 foot 4. The cabin has also been finished to a high standard and really gives it that executive feel you get with the likes of the 5 and 7 Series. The shape of the model is aesthetically pleasing too which allows you feel that sense of class when driving around. The only downside from a personal basis is that because the model is still very new the prices are particularly high which means that for me to get my hands on one I would need to wait a few years for the cost to decrease and find a Used BMW 2 Series because for the next few years it is unlikely I will be able to afford one from new.

BMW 3 Series Touring – My Dad actually had a Contract Hire BMW 3 Series Touring when I was in my early teenage years and I loved the car.BMW 3 Series Touring It was the car he used to take me to all my football matches in because of the practical load space it had to fit my football gear in. The cabin was pretty luxurious and I was always excited to take the BMW 3 Series Touring because I knew I would be sitting in the front on the way to football. It also had a really strong performance and my Dad loved to hit the motorway and really put his foot down, as it was never something he was able to do with my Mom in the car.

BMW X1 – One of the things I really like about the BMW X1 is that it isn’t as large as the X3 and X5, which makes parking pretty easy and if you’d ever seen my parking you would understand why this is beneficial. It also provides you with the elevated road view that you don’t get with the likes of saloons and estates and there is a decent amount of cabin space. If I was to look at getting myself a BMW X1 I’m not sure I would spend the money to own it outright because I feel it is a model you may want to upgrade from after a few years. Instead I would look at a Lease BMW X1 simply because you hand it back to the garage at the end of your lease and look for that upgrade.

BMW X3 – The upgrade, moving away from the X1, could quite easily be a transition to a Contract Hire BMW X3. BMW X3Again I have mentioned a lease option because BMW are always upgrading their cars, so after your contract hire is over you can choose a newer model. It is also the next model up in the X-range, after the X1, and is personally one of my favourite BMW models. With this model BMW have managed to find the perfect balance between comfort and agility. The cabin is of real high quality and provides plenty of space in both the front and rear seats and it’s not often I say that, being 6 foot 4 myself.

BMW X6 – The BMW X6 is the most expensive of the X-range models available and after spending just ten minutes with the car it is not hard to see why. My Uncle has a Used BMW X6 and despite his better judgement I managed to persuade him to let me drive the car. The X6 has outstanding agility and reminded me of the agility a sports saloon model provides, whilst also managing to blend in strong acceleration which surprised me considering the size and weight of the car. It actually provides a marvellous drive for all passengers, it’s just a shame there are only four seats in the car.

BMW Z1 – One of BMW’s first modern sports cars was actually released before I was born, this being the BMW Z1. When it was initially released the unusual looks of this roadster led people to believe that it would never make production. BMW Z1However just over 8,000 of them were produced making this a pretty limited edition model. Obviously now you will only be able to buy a Used BMW Z1 and you will be lucky to find one for sale. The one feature of this model that makes it one of my favourite BMW models is that the doors actually drop into the sills instead of opening like normal doors. This makes it really interesting and I’m pretty confident BMW were one of the first manufacturers to bring this idea to road legal cars.

BMW Z3 – The final model I will mention is the BMW Z3, now this model hasn’t actually received critical acclaim however it is actually one of my favourite BMW models. The funny thing is the cabin shouldn’t even suitable for a tall person like myself to drive but it is a great place to be, even on a top-down motorway drive. You will only be able to buy a Used BMW Z3 these days because it’s not been in production since 2003 but the Z3 is a compact, good looking two-seater that is real good fun to drive around, even though the handling is pretty average.

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